Website overhaul for specialist label innovator

Onespacemedia has been selected by Royston Labels to overhaul its website following a recent rebrand.

Royston Labels is a specialist label manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience providing innovative labelling solutions to national and international clients including L’Oreal, Mothercare, Broker's Gin and Superdrug.

The brand has recently undergone a major repositioning exercise and has chosen Onespacemedia to completely rework its website and create an enhanced digital presence to amplify the brand and cement Royston Labels’ position as an innovator in the labelling space.

Producer, George Hadfield, commented “Royston Labels are an expert product labelling manufacturer with a 30 year track record of excellence in a number of international sectors.

"We're delighted to be working with the team to push the business forward - the new site will help them to further increase their prominence in an extremely competitive space, where buyers expect first-class results."


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