Elevating communication for an international creative agency

Introducing Audience

Audience is a global creative agency specialising in meetings, events and internal communications. With offices in Basel, Cambridge, Toronto and Singapore, the Audience team has more than 25 years’ experience working with clients in the life science and pharmaceutical sectors. Onespacemedia was appointed to reimagine their digital presence as the company evolved its business development and marketing strategies to react to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An immersive brand experience

We used a combination of digital storytelling techniques, attention-grabbing assets and subtle micro-interactions to create an engaging and enjoyable user experience.

Perspectives - building content engagement

Audience's Perspectives section delivers the latest articles, editorials, podcasts and videos from across the Audience network. As well as showcasing the team's communication expertise, Perspectives also provides a way for international staff to stay current with activities and updates.

Meet the team

We showcased the talent and diversity of the Audience team with a people page that combines great photography and sound bites from team members. Profile pages provide more background on the individuals and links their articles and multimedia.

Reinforcing global expertise

To highlight Audience's global operations we created the Locations section to highlight the people, cultures and expertise in the company's various offices. 

“When we initially approached Onespacemedia we did so because we wanted to work with a technically skilled and creative local agency, so we could speak face to face, and work together in a hands-on way. When lockdown came along the need for a local agency was no longer there and I was anticipating the process of getting an entirely new website and customised CMS produced to be fraught with challenges. It wasn’t. Both teams approached the situation in an insightful, inspiring and creative way. We wanted someone we felt we could partner with, like we do with our clients, rather than have a transactional client/supplier relationship. Chemistry, as well as capability, are key ingredients in any partnership and after only a handful of hangouts, it was clear from their friendly and very passionate and capable team that we’d work well together, learn lots and end up with something that we were proud to call our digital home.”

Dan Newnham, Global Head Creative & Design

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