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Marketing platform, website and business integration for financial services team

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Innovative technology firm Compleat Software has developed an advanced financial application that solves many of the financial and administrative issues faced by businesses. Designed for ambitious organisations, Compleat eliminates paper, unites finance teams with budget holders and provides a real time picture of company finances.

Put simply, Compleat is the next generation of purchasing and budget management automation. Onespacemedia was appointed by Compleat Software to transform its digital marketing from the ground up.

Audience profiling

Building a comprehensive understanding of the audience is a vital step in any digital project. Compleat’s software transcends many company departments including accounts, procurement, legal, management and even the Board. The Onespacemedia team worked closely with Compleat to profile individuals that might be involved in the software consultation and purchase process and developed benefits and messaging that would directly address the needs and concerns of their respective departments.


Information is beautiful

To rapidly communicate the benefits of specific features of Compleat’s software, Onespacemedia's design team created a series of vibrant, on-brand vector illustrations that are used across the website, in marketing communications and in sales presentations. The simple, playful style makes the information more accessible and helps to build audience engagement. The illustrative style was also extended into animation to create a software explainer video that captures users’ attention on the website’s home page.

Compleat Software staff together reading
Mock up of Compleat Software's responsive website calendar events

“We were looking for three things from the new website provider: an innovative redesign of our brand/new website, very strong technical capabilities, but top of our list was a long term relationship – finding an organisation that we enjoyed working with whose contribution “upped our game”. The Onespacemedia team continue to excel on all three fronts and have become a critical part of our business.”

Neil Robertson, Director, Compleat Software

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