Fluidic Analytics

Faster, more accurate and more accessible protein analysis tools

About Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics is a Cambridge-based company which has created proprietary technology to measure the size and concentration of proteins in the biological world, rapidly, accurately and cost-effectively. Proteins are the building blocks of life. They form the key components of cells, co-ordinate crucial biochemical processes and carry out the chemical reactions that allow the biological world to function. Early identification of proteins in the body provides direct markers of disease onset and the company is developing diagnostic tools to sequence and characterise proteins.

Fluidic Analytics has recently raised £5.3 million in series B funding to advance its laboratory research tools and to establish the company as the leading player in protein characterisation. By developing products that make protein characterisation faster, more precise, more convenient, more cost-effective and more accurate, Fluidic Analytics is striving to help scientists, healthcare providers and people everywhere to understand the world around them better. Onespacemedia were appointed to evolve the company's brand and marketing materials and create a new CMS-powered responsive website.

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