The Tenison

Branding for Cambridge guest house

The Tenison bed & breakfast

Onespacemedia's Cambridge graphic design team has lent its design service to local bed and breakfast, The Tenison (formerly known as Tenison Towers) as part of Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector.

The Hotel Inspector, a production fronted by hotelier, Alex Polizzi, gives advice to boost the profitability and appeal of hotels, including a room makeover - and in this case, a new name and brand identity.

Onespacemedia were approached by The Hotel Inspector’s production team to help Tenison Towers’ manager Inga Grigaitiene to come up with a new name that better reflects the business and to bring it up to date with the competition.  The logo takes inspiration from the repeatable tiles found in Victorian properties, in organic, circular shapes - an homage to Inga’s love of plants - with modern typography and accents of Cambridge Blue giving a nod to the historic city.  

James Dellar, Creative Director at Onespacemedia said, “Tenison Towers was the first guest house in an area which is now saturated with hotels and B&Bs. Over 20 years the guest house has created a loyal customer base but it has struggled to justify increasing its prices in line with the market. It was inevitable that the brand and overall experience had to evolve to increase profit margins and maintain a competitive advantage.

“Our first suggestion was to rename the guest house as ‘The Tenison’ as market research uncovered that ‘Towers’ was an outdated phrase with negative connotations. The new name, accompanying brand and visual direction, and the redesign of the rooms positions The Tenison as a sophisticated, contemporary B&B. We’re delighted with the results and look to forward to hearing about the establishment's success.”

The show is available to watch on the My5 website.

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