The new 5G national innovation network

About the UK5G initiative

UK5G is a government-led programme designed to provide a large scale boost to the development and communication of the UK’s 5G ecosystem. Among a mixed agenda of outcomes, the programme is designed to help encourage increased inward investment and UK leadership in the area of 5G by presenting the UK as a powerhouse of innovation in one of the world’s most important modern telecommunications schemes.

Operating nationally as a ‘network of networks’, the initiative will facilitate the engagement and coordination of organisations working on 5G activities across the UK. It will enhance links between ongoing research and development teams, commercial programmes and infrastructure projects. One of the major facets of the project is to facilitate the connection of startups, SMEs and global enterprise with academic institutions and the public sector, to provide real-world results.

The brief

Onespacemedia were selected to create a digital platform as well as a versatile brand for the initiative that included a range of marketing collateral to extend UK5G's reach across multiple channels. As well as providing a strong single identity for UK5G activities, this confident expression of the UK’s role in 5G also serves to encourage domestic and global inward investment. 

The solution

Combining a world-class marketing website and a content, news, events and activity platform - the UK5G website amalgamates the sector’s highest value content into a digital destination that champions British innovation across all of the initiative's major angles. This content network forms a key part of the project’s digital outreach across traditional and social channels, providing a platform for entrepreneurs, companies, academics, thought-leaders and government to share and contribute to the UK’s ‘voice’ in the global 5G conversation.


The digital home of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK

The UK5G platform delivers a wide range of 5G content including news, opinion, multimedia, resources and data. It also provides detailed information on testbeds, trials, organisations and people that are catalysing and contributing to 5G innovation. As well as providing a range of engagement tools to encourage participation, a members-only area enables users to rapidly create, categorise and publish multimedia-rich content.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the UK to build and enhance its position in the implementation of the next generation of mobile communication - and the end-goal is to help these technologies rapidly transform our societies and economic performance. We encourage all interested parties to become involved in the building of this community.”

Bob Driver, CEO of Cambridge Wireless (CW) and lead UK5G partner

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