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About We Need You

We Need You is a Quotient Sciences business division that deals specifically with the resourcing, management and handling of the clinical trial element of Quotient Sciences' unique drug development proposition. While Quotient Sciences is a b2b organisation that offers a novel method in which to rapidly develop drugs to industry leading quality, We Need You facilitates the arm of these programmes that is designed to ensure that the drugs are safe for human consumption by administering and monitoring them in trial environments.

In addition to a strong regional presence, the company attracts applicants from across the country using a variety of marketing and advertising programmes. Clinical trials are hosted in Quotient Sciences' specialised centre which is based in Nottingham.

To coincide with a national advertising campaign Onespacemedia were appointed to create a responsive website that amplifies the We Need You brand and delivers important information about the clinical trial process including testimonials and examples from previous trial participants. We also streamlined the application process which significantly increased online conversion rates.

A corresponding website management system provides staff with intuitive tools to manage trials, applications and all types of website content. A suite of reporting tools provide data on website usage such as traffic patterns, user behaviour and management data such as the number of applications and enquiries.

We Need You

Supporting vital clinical trial programmes

The new We Need You website provides potential trial participants with the information they need to make an application decision. From explaining the process and remuneration, dispelling myths and showing the facilities, the website provides an honest and transparent overview of participating in a clinical trial. With a modern welcoming design the website delivers content in an engaging experience that showcases some of the web's most progressive techniques.

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