Wren Therapeutics

Showcasing a pioneering approach to address protein misfolding diseases

About Wren Therapeutics

Wren Therapeutics, a University of Cambridge spin-out, is a biopharmaceutical organisation dedicated to the prevention and drug development for protein mis-folding diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

Having recently raised £18 million in Series A financing funding to support its pioneering research and innovation, Wren Therapeutics appointed Onespacemedia to design and build a new website that better represents the company's plans and ambitions and provides an engaging a digital destination that will support the company's evolving business objectives.

Digital engagement to inspire and attract high-calibre talent

The new site helps attract top talent by inspiring potential employees with a compelling articulation of Wren's company culture, mission and values. Using engaging digital storytelling techniques and multimedia, team photos, testimonials, videos and benefit matrices combine to inspire the best talent to apply for open positions.

Intuitive management tools that empower digital teams

Under the hood of the new website is a powerful, open source content management system that has been specially customised to meet the news of Wren's digital team. The CMS supports various business teams and functions by providing a powerful suite of content creation and publishing tools that empower non-technical staff and streamline digital workflows.

An immersive presentation of Wren's pioneering technology

The new website conveys Wren Therapeutic's ground breaking research and development in network kinetics drug discovery. Conveying scientific concepts to a wide range of audiences is achieved with a mix of on-brand, interactive diagrams and graphics that engage and inspire website visitors.

The evidence behind the science

A custom-built resource library provides website visitors with access to a vast scientific archive that backs up Wren's approach. Dating back to 1973, this ever growing collection of publications, articles and papers provides a huge body of evidence that presents the scientific case for Wren's work.

“We are delighted to be able to add Wren Therapeutics to our extensive roster of life science partners. Protein misfolding diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's affect more than 500 million people but Wren's approach is creating a huge buzz across the scientific community with the solution to a problem that until now has been unsolvable. Wren's kinetics-based drug discovery platform is giving hope that treatments are on the horizon that make protein misfolding diseases a thing of the past. We are delighted to work with Wren as they navigate this incredible journey.”

James Cotton, Founder and MD, Onespacemedia

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